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Oral hygiene is an essential aspect of oral health, and brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily are the best ways to maintain good oral hygiene. However, plaque can still build up on your teeth even with regular brushing and flossing. Dental cleanings are important because they remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth.  

Plaque is a clear, sticky film that forms on your teeth daily. If it isn’t removed, it hardens into tartar. Tartar is more difficult to remove than plaque and requires professional cleaning. When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, they can cause cavities and gum disease. 

At Promenade Dental, we recommend routine cleanings for our patients every six months. During a regular cleaning, one of our dental hygienists will clean your teeth using special tools to remove plaque and tartar. They will also polish your teeth to remove any surface stains.

The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

In addition to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, regular cleanings in Chandler, AZ, can help keep your breath fresh and prevent bad breath. This is because plaque and tartar can harbor bacteria that cause bad breath.

Another benefit of regular cleanings is that they can help identify problems early on. Your dentist or dental hygienist will be able to spot any signs of tooth decay or gum disease during your appointment. Early detection is critical to successful treatment.

Finally, regular cleanings can help you save money in the long run. By catching problems early, you can avoid more expensive treatments.

What Happens During a Professional Cleaning?

During your dental cleaning appointment, our hygienist in Chandler, AZ, will first examine your mouth for any signs of gingivitis or other problems. Then, our hygienist will clean your teeth using special tools to remove plaque and tartar, even from hard-to-reach places. They will also polish your teeth to remove any surface stains. Finally, they may apply fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. 

After your cleaning is complete, our dentist in Chandler, AZ will thoroughly examine your mouth to check for any signs of disease or other problems. They may also take X-rays to examine your teeth and jaw closely. Once they have examined your teeth, they will recommend any necessary follow-up care. 

In addition to regular cleanings, it is essential to brush and floss daily to maintain good oral health. Brushing removes plaque and food particles from the surfaces of your teeth, while flossing helps remove plaque between your teeth. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding sugary drinks and snacks that can increase your risk of tooth decay is also essential.

Oral hygiene is essential, and routine cleanings are the best way to maintain it. If you are due for a dental cleaning, visit Promenade Dental at 4905 S Alma School Rd Ste 1, Chandler, AZ 85248, or call (480) 802-8188 to schedule an appointment.

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